Board member profile: Michael Gilday, Strata Manager (Licensed) Chapter

New SCA (NSW) Board member Michael Gilday says that being elected to represent his fellow strata managers counts as a definite highlight of his career.

Michael says his involvement will give a regional perspective and assist the SCA (NSW) Board by broadening the diversity of thinking from the membership.

Michael’s strata career started around 20 years ago and his experience covers a diverse portfolio of responsibilities, ranging from business management of branches to delivering substantial growth in acquiring properties for management.

He is the licensee-in-charge of Strata Plus North and manages a small portfolio of high-level clients along with doing all that a licensee-in-charge entails.

In addition to overseeing commercial performance and compliance, Michael has played a key role in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations, through initiatives such as rolling out a new performance management system.

That system was designed to align all staff members with organisational strategy and foster key business enabling behaviours, such as knowledge-sharing and it is this experience that makes him a good choice for the Board.

Michael’s career passion is providing guidance and education to team members to help build their confidence in dealing with the day-to-day intricacies of strata. And for those new to the industry, Michael has some wise advice about dealing with those daily complexities and that is not to get to emotionally involved. He says to remember that whatever you are doing you are helping someone even if it is to understand their actions impact others. Even if they don’t like or agree with your advice it is for the betterment of their strata scheme.

For now he’s happy to be adapting to his new role as Director but when asked where he wants to be in 10 years’ time, Michael hopes to still be problem solving but with a lower golf handicap.

Welcome to the SCA (NSW) Board Michael.