SCA (NSW) has worked with NSW Fair Trading via the CPD Sub-Committee to produce the guidelines for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) under the new Licensing Reforms.

The guidelines for the Compulsory topics have been formalised.

SCA (NSW) has again been approved to continue to provide CPD for our Strata Managers membership, and you would have already received invites to the CPD webinars.


Licence Levels
The new licensing system includes three (3) licence levels.
These are determined by an applicant’s qualifications and experience in the strata sector.




Licence Renewal Dates
Please be advised that CPD is no longer linked to your renewal date.
CPD must be completed in the CPD year which is 23 March to 22 March of the following year.
So, if your licence renewal date is after 23 March 2020, you have until 22 March 2021 to complete all your CPD hours.

CPD is now based on Hours
CPD in NSW has moved away from a points-based system to a system based on hours.

COR holders now Assistant Agents
If you held a Certificate of Registration you are now deemed an Assistant Agent  and MUST actively work towards your licence qualification. You have until 22 March 2024 to complete the CPP40516 – Certificate IV in Strata Community Management.  
To retain your Assistant level each year you have to complete a minimum of (3) Units of Competency from the qualification.
Please ensure you apply the relevant code to obtain your SCA (NSW) member discount:

  • Assistant Agent (Entry) Course – SCACOR20
  • Certificate IV in Strata Community Management – SCALIC20

CPD for Class 1 & 2 Agents
SCA (NSW) aim to provide educational experience tailored to the needs of every Strata Manager, their roles and experience. We listened to your feedback and understand you want the flexibility to choose topics that are of interest to you given your experience and portfolio, rather than a one-size fits all approach. Our webinars and masterclasses are informative and practical, providing you with information that you can use in your daily operations. Pick and choose the topics and times that interest you most and suit your busy schedule. Sessions can be accessed live online, or via our E-Learning platform, through which you can obtain CPD seminars wherever and whenever you like.

We are pleased to announce our CPD offerings in our 2020 Education Calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: With COVID-19 social-distancing measures, SCA (NSW) has temporarily ceased face-to-face Education & Training sessions, and proactively converted CPD materials to be delivered as Webinars.








We are offering members a CPD Bundle of six (6) CPD topics equivalent to six (6) CPD hours. This provides you with all your required CPD Hours for the CPD Year.

The CPD Bundle is made up of the following:


The six (6) CPD hours of Compulsory and Elective Topics need to be completed by 22 March 2021.

Please be advised that all individuals that participate in Compulsory CPD webinars will be required to complete a short online assessment and CPD hours will only be awarded upon successful completion of this assessment. The assessment will be sent upon the conclusion of your training session.

How to purchase the CPD Bundle

To take up this offer, please click here.

If you prefer to register for CPD sessions individually and not in a bundle, please refer to our Education Calendar.

To obtain your login details, please contact our Membership Team for assistance.

For further information please refer to the links below: