2018 Max Dunn Award recipient: David Edgerton

Hearing that he’d been recognised in the strata industry with the 2018 Max Dunn Award was both humbling and a little scary for David Edgerton when he heard his name called at the 2018 Annual Convention Gala Dinner.

“I was firstly surprised at hearing my name. The SCA (NSW) Board did a great job at keeping that a secret. The next thing was trying to put a speech together in my head as I walked up on stage that would give the award justice,” he said.

“My first thought was to all the clients and friends that have supported me since getting into the strata industry.”

“You don’t get anywhere in life without the support of others and my mind turned to people like Phil Duggan, Trevor Bright, Tony Irvine, David Bannerman, Greg Haywood and Michelle Cummins. All these people have given their time over the years to teach me about strata. This has given me the foundation to grow, be successful and in turn help others.”

These are certainly the sentiments and qualities that define both Max Dunn and the award that is annually given in his honour. Max valued friendship and harmony, and these are the qualities that each recipient of the award has demonstrated.

David has been in the strata industry for 10 years and has enjoyed watching it and the people involved, grow over that time.

“The best part of the industry for me is that, for a small industry, we really are blessed with the high standard of people in it. Many of my clients and other suppliers have become lifelong friends and it is something that I will be forever grateful to the strata industry in giving me these opportunities.”

Since winning the award David says he has just kept on going, focussing on his own self-improvement which in turn assists him to help his clients and friends to achieve their personal and business goals.

“I understand the importance of the Max Dunn Award and to the calibre of people who have received it before me. I have a responsibility to the industry which has given me so much. At 43 I hope to be around for a good number of years as there is still much more yet to do.”

David could never have known that in 2008 when he became NSW State Manager with StrataMax that it would lead him to exactly this 10 years later.

“I simply love what I do, working with great people, for a great company, StrataMax, and while I took the job to figure out what I wanted to do, as it turns out this is exactly what I wanted to do.”

Congratulations David – you embody everything that the Max Dunn Award stands for. What a great recipient of the 2018 award.